Manhattan Skyline

Manhattan Skyline

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One of the most famous views of New York City is a panorama of Manhattan, also known as Manhattan’s skyline. We see it on the postcards, in movies, on souvenirs.

There are a couple of places to get this view and take stunning pictures of the skyline.

Option 1 is the New Jersey side of the Hudson river. You need to cross the Hudson and come to New Jersey. There is public transportation: a ticket is $2.50. Take a PATH train on 33rd Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan. You need the train to Journal Square (JSQ), the stop you need is Newport Pavonia. Change there for the train to the World Trade Center (WTC), Exchange Place is the stop that you need, it will be the next stop right after Newport. When you arrive at Exchange Place, walk towards the river, and there are fantastic views of the skyline.

The second option is also in New Jersey, go to the same PATH train from 33rd Street and 6th avenue, but take a train to Hoboken. When you get off in Hoboken, walk a couple blocks towards the river. You will get stunning views, especially in the early morning and late evening.

The third option is the free Staten Island Ferry. Here you can take great pictures of Lower Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Verrazano Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty.