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There are many shows to choose from — some, like The Phantom of the Opera, are classics that have been running on Broadway for a very long time. Other shows have a limited run and will be performed for just several months. Buy tickets for Broadway shows online.

Shows to See on Broadway in 2019

Ticket buyers paid upwards of $40,000 per ticket to see Springsteen on Broadway during the last week of its celebrated run. A woman from Ireland waits four days (and nights!) on the sidewalk outside the Richard Rogers Theatre to buy standby tickets for her family to see Hamilton; when her turn finally comes, she realizes to her horror she is short $20 (a sympathetic NYC cop pulls a twenty from his pocket and hands it to her). In the box office line at The Ferryman a man casually mentions that he flew from North Carolina to London hoping to score a ticket to the West End production of the play; when that didn't work out, he flew home and promptly booked a flight to New York.

What can account for such madness? Answer: the magic of Broadway. There are moments you experience in a Broadway theatre that remain in memory forever–intimate moments shared with a friend, parent, child or spouse, the actors on stage and a thousand strangers who are right there living that moment with you. It's no exaggeration to say that certain shows, certain actors, certain songs, have the power to change your life. For all the wonders of Hollywood, CGI, Netflix, or cable TV, there's nothing that quite compares to the magic of live theatre–the living, human, beating heart of Broadway. Continue reading

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Broadway - tickets online
Broadway - tickets online
Broadway - tickets online
Broadway - tickets online
Broadway - tickets online