Shopping in New York City is fantastic. Like everything else in New York City, shopping is not just an opportunity to indulge in a variety of choices and update the wardrobe, but it’s also a fun experience with so many positive, almost euphoric, emotions that you get during the shopping process.

It is very convenient that almost all shops now have a website, and you can preview the assortment and prices before you start the shopping spree.

If you visit from another country, it is worth noting that while you can find next to everything in New York City stores, please keep in mind the selection is immense. The number of stores is huge, the store areas are extra-large, and the distances are extra-long, so it is best to define a few basic "targets" and to navigate through the rest if there is any time, energy and room in a suitcase left. Impulsive purchases will get added throughout the process anyway, from scarves to diamonds.

Not to ruin your shopping experience, but don’t forget that some purchases are taxed, and the tax is not included on the price tag.

Shops we recommend in New York City  Enjoy your stay with extra savings just for visitors