New York City Character

New York City Character

Let’s start with the fact that New York City is much more than the Statue of Liberty and Times Square (with all respect to both of these).

You cannot be indifferent to the city. You can be madly in love with New York City or you might be confused as to why so many people praise it. In this case we would assume that New York has not opened all of its facets for you just yet.

New York City is real. The content here is more important than the appearance, and it is what’s inside that really matters. Here, the efforts and hard work win over the surface gloss. A standard tour around the city is a serious must, but it is not enough to understand, feel and love the city where anything is possible.

We hope you will learn about some “non-touristy’ side of the city, and you can make your stay in New York City even more interesting.