How to choose a Broadway show

How to choose a Broadway musical?

Some shows are running on Broadway for many years. For example, The Phantom of the Opera has been performed at Majestic Theater since 1988. But many performances can only be seen in Broadway theaters for just several months. Some shows originally plan a limited run, while others have to close early because they are not successful enough. Plays, unlike musicals, are almost always scheduled for a limited run only.

What musical or play to see on Broadway?

If you have never seen a musical before, choose the classics

The Phantom of the Opera

Family-friendly shows in New York

The Lion King

Tickets for The Lion King musical are some of the most expensive among all Broadway shows. The show is always sold at 100% for the past several years, and ticket prices do not go down. Tickets for The Lion King are never sold at the TKTS.

Most Broadway theaters have rules that children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the theater, other shows restrict access up for children younger than 6 years old (The Lion King and Aladdin). Each child must have their own ticket. Unfortunately, there are no discounts for children.

If you plan to see a Broadway show with a child, you can ask the theater staff for the seat booster - it will allow having a better view of the stage.

Celebrities on Broadway

Al Pacino, Bruce Willis, Jim Parsons, Sting, Tom Hanks - these are some of the famous actors who performed in New York theaters. See Celebrities on Broadway for the current Broadway shows.

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