Sights and Attractions

Sights and Attractions

Whether you decide to explore the sights of New York City on your own, or with a tour, our website includes the list of the main places that we recommend to visit during your trip. New York’s museums are in a separate section of the website, they deserve special attention.

We have included only a few interesting facts about the sights of New York. You can learn their history and role in the life of the city in greater detail when you come to New York and visit one or several tours.

Despite the fact that New York is a young city, it has a lot to boast about in the fields of architecture, design, education, and art. For example, trading on Wall Street began in the mid-17th century, Federal Reserve Bank keeps 7,000 tons of gold bullion, with the current value equal to $360 billion (by the way, you can go down to the gold vault and see these on your own), the Empire State Building was built in just 410 days, and Waldorf Astoria had its own railway platform.

Come and visit New York City, you will not regret your choice!