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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

There is a very colorful parade to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Tens of thousands of people get out into the streets to watch and become a part of this celebration. If you are in New York City at this time of the year, you might want to spend several hours visiting one of the most exciting parades. The parade is held the Sunday following the Chinese New Year. The parade begins at 1:00pm, in Little Italy, and then goes through Chinatown and moves on to Lower Manhattan. It’s best to arrive early, as the event might have up to a half a million people attending.

New York Fashion Week

Fashion Week is held twice a year in New York City. The next year's fall collection is presented in winter, and spring’s collection is demonstrated in September. The New York Fashion Week opens the world series of Fashion Weeks (followed by London, Paris and Milan). Interestingly, the first Fashion Week was held in New York City. In 1943, since the usual runway shows could not continue in Paris because of the war, it was decided to organize a series of shows and combine them into a week-long event for the industry in New York City.

Dog Show

One of the largest dog shows in the world is held at Madison Square Garden every year. The show is organized and conducted by the Westminster Kennel Club that was established in 1877. The event itself was also held for the first time in 1877. Tickets can be purchased online or at Madison Square Garden.

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MET: Fabergé from the Matilda Geddings Gray Foundation Collection

Whitney: Moved by the Motion: Sudden Rise

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Feb 28 19:30
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