B&H Superstore 

420 9th Avenue New York NY 10001

B&H is the world’s largest photo and video specialty retail store in the USA located in Midtown Manhattan. With its unique atmosphere, B&H has become a tourist attraction in and of itself, welcoming 1.5 million visitors annually. B&H features many interactive product departments and carries over 300,000 of the newest products from more than 4,000 brands. B&H is where technology lives.

B&H prides itself on its unparalleled personal service to each guest and is the source for the best in quality, service, selection, and price. Complemented by a huge staff of professional, multilingual, non-commissioned sales associates, B&H has been described in national and international media as the “Year-round expo Superstore”.

B&H presents the world’s largest selection of photo, video, audio, home and portable entertainment, computers, optical equipment and much more, all at discounted prices.

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