Useful info - Sports Tickets

Sports tickets often sell out very fast in New York, sometimes weeks or even months in advance. If you couldn't purchase tickets direct from the venue or from the team's website, you can purchase a ticket from a ticketing platform where sports tickets are sold by fans to fans. In most cases this will be the only possibility to purchase tickets for sports events in New York.

Please never purchase tickets from sites that look suspicious.

New York Online recommends buying tickets for sports events in New York from TicketsNow, a ticketing platform verified by Ticketmaster.

When you purchase from a ticketing platform where tickets are sold by fans to fans, there might be less flexibility than when purchasing directly from the box office, but this also means the inventory might be greater and you will be able to buy tickets you couldn't purchase directly from the venue.

Several things to keep in mind:

  • please choose electronic or instant delivery – this will ensure you don't get paper tickets shipped to your home address

  • make sure you can print out a ticket – you will need a print-out ticket to be able to enter the event, it cannot be presented on a mobile device (please see instructions when you purchase tickets, sometimes e-tickets might be accepted on a mobile device)

  • because it is a fan-to-fan website, a face value of the ticket might be lower than what you pay

  • the earlier you buy, the more choice there is; the price will be better if you purchase tickets in advance

  • New York Online is not a direct seller of sports tickets – the site provides information and recommendations for using a platform that is verified by Ticketmaster

  • please note your card will be charged by a ticket seller, not by New York Online.