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Exhibitions at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2019-2020

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The Poetry of Nature: Edo Paintings from the Fishbein-Bender Collection - until January 21th 2019

Painting blossomed in Japan during the Edo period (1615–1868) as artists daringly experimented with conventional styles. In this exhibition, more than forty examples of Edo-period paintings from the collection of Estelle P. Bender and her late husband T. Richard Fishbein—mostly gifts and promised gifts to The Met—help trace the development of the major schools and movements of this fascinating era. Contemporary Japanese ceramics are juxtaposed with Edo-period paintings, while works in various formats and media from The Met collection provide context. The celebration of the natural world serves as a unifying theme, and the intertwined relationship between poetry and the pictorial arts—so fundamental to Japanese tradition—is a particular focus of the exhibition.

Through January 21th 2019 at The Met 5th Avenue. Learn more at The Met website.

Jewelry: The Body Transformed - until February 24th 2019

What is jewelry? Why do we wear it? What meanings does it carry? Traversing time and space, this exhibition explores how jewelry acts upon and activates the body it adorns. This global conversation about one of the most personal and universal of art forms brings together some 230 objects drawn almost exclusively from The Met collection. A dazzling array of headdresses and ear ornaments, brooches and belts, necklaces and rings are shown along with sculptures, paintings, prints, and photographs that enrich and amplify the many stories of transformation that jewelry tells.

Through February 24th 2019 at The Met 5th Avenue. Learn more at The Met website.

Art of Native America: Diker Collection - until October 6th 2019

This landmark exhibition in the Museum's American Wing showcases 116 masterworks representing the achievements of artists from more than fifty cultures across North America. Ranging in date from the second to the early twentieth century, the diverse works are promised gifts, donations, and loans to The Met from the pioneering collectors Charles and Valerie Diker. Long considered to be the most significant holdings of historical Native American art in private hands, the Diker Collection has particular strengths in sculpture from British Columbia and Alaska, California baskets, pottery from southwestern pueblos, Plains drawings and regalia, and rare accessories from the eastern Woodlands.

Through October 6th 2019 at The Met 5th Avenue. Learn more at The Met website.

In Praise of Painting: Dutch Masterpieces at the Met - until October 4th 2020

Dutch paintings of the seventeenth century—the Golden Age of Rembrandt, Hals, and Vermeer—have been a highlight of The Met collection since the Museum's founding purchase in 1871. This exhibition brings together some of the Museum's greatest paintings to present this remarkable chapter of art history in a new light. Through sixty-seven works of art organized thematically, In Praise of Painting orients visitors to key issues in seventeenth-century Dutch culture—from debates about religion and conspicuous consumption to painters' fascination with the domestic lives of women.

Through October 4th 2020 at The Met 5th Avenue. Learn more at The Met website.

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