New York City can claim to be the culinary capital of the world. Your trip can turn into the gourmet feast. There are nearly 25,000 restaurants in New York City!

Our key piece of advice - before you go to New York City, please spend some time exploring what restaurants there are, where they are located, take a look at their websites, and select a few that you would definitely want to dine at. The selection is immense, and it would be a shame to miss something really interesting. And isn’t it great to start traveling (albeit virtually) before you take off for the airport?

You can take a culinary journey around the world during one trip to NYC. It is fun to compare the experience of visiting a restaurant in Rome with one of those 2,500 Italian restaurants in Manhattan. Or to compare the oysters you’ve tried in France with the Blue Point oysters you can have in one of NYC’s many oyster bars. In any case, this is a unique opportunity to get so many flavors at once, and still never have to have the same thing twice!

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