620 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10011

понедельник: 9:00–21:30
вторник: 9:00–21:30
среда: 9:00–21:30
четверг: 9:00–21:30
пятница: 9:00–21:30
суббота: 9:00–21:30
воскресенье: 10:00–20:00

63 Reviews:

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Alexander pointalex @ 15.01.2015 18:45:
"на удивление несколько дней назад удалось найти очень много полезных брендовых вещей со скидками 50 и более процентов, в основном спортивных со спец технологиями, которые носятся как городская одежда лучше натурального хлопка, шерсти и проч, но есть и много вещей с большим содержанием натуральной шерсти до 100%, брендовая обувь и проч"

Hermy Gao @ 22.03.2016 17:46:
"Similar to TK maxx but better organised. Wish I had more time there."

Georgina Garcia @ 16.03.2016 21:20:
"This Marshall's has a bigger inventory then most I go to. Its also one of those places you need to go to with time. If you sort thru the racks you def find a gem for a great price."

Chibi Neko @ 04.08.2015 01:23:
"After spending 20 minutes trying to find the product I wanted in one piece (pretty much everything is in awful shape in this store) I waited on a line that lasted 30 minutes if not more. I was tired and miserable and I just wanted to buy the object in my hand. It wasn't until 25 minutes into the line did I notice that the item had two different price tags. One said 14.99 and the other, 7.99. While this price difference doesn't seem too big, it is for my current situation. I work a minimum wage retail job just barely making my impossible new york rent with just enough money to survive and eat. That $8.00 difference is the difference between eating lunch or being hungry. While I must point out this item is not essential to my existence, I was able to afford it at the moment only because I had received a refund from a prior purchase. my maximum expense was to be $9.00. Anyway this is all beside the point. when I reached the register after standing in line, I pointed out like a good honest human that there were two different price tags. I have been a loyal customer to this Marshalls since it took over the Filene's Basement space in 2010. It took 3 associates and a little over 7 minutes for them to decide that I would have to pay the higher price. I could easily have peeled off the higher price while waiting on line, just as the woman did in front of me at the register. I was furious. An hour of my life just wasted. My loyalty to this store has perished. I couldn't even walk into TJ Maxx upstairs known that the two are associated. The lines in this location are always absurd, however I was able to endure it. But I no longer think I want to shop at Marshalls. Thank you for reading this saga."

Yates 82 @ 23.03.2016 00:57:
"Great store good selection of shoes and designer clothes"

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