620 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10011

понедельник: 9:00–21:30
вторник: 9:00–21:30
среда: 9:00–21:30
четверг: 9:00–21:30
пятница: 9:00–21:30
суббота: 9:00–21:30
воскресенье: 10:00–20:00


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Albert Ogannisyan @ 06.06.2016 13:03:
"Большой магазин! И очень приятные цены!!)))"

Alexander pointalex @ 15.01.2015 18:45:
"на удивление несколько дней назад удалось найти очень много полезных брендовых вещей со скидками 50 и более процентов, в основном спортивных со спец технологиями, которые носятся как городская одежда лучше натурального хлопка, шерсти и проч, но есть и много вещей с большим содержанием натуральной шерсти до 100%, брендовая обувь и проч"

ps dantonio @ 22.08.2016 03:19:
"If you are familiar with any Marshalls location outside of the city, imagine one of those and then multiply its size by 10. Now you have NYC's 6th Ave. Marshalls. An equally large TJMaxx is upstairs."

Jason Mather @ 12.07.2016 00:41:
"One of the smaller and less impressive Marshalls, but the reason it gets 4 stars is that occasionally they do get some very solid cookware which I've been quite grateful for. Also, their drawer organizers are basically half the price of the ones sold in BB&B upstairs and The Container Store across the street, and those are consistently there, so worth dropping down if you're doing a kitchen/housewares trip."

Henry Tuell @ 07.09.2016 13:48:
"I struggle to find good mens clothes, but their housewear"

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